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[HEA] Episode 2 – Over the Ivy Wall

Over the Ivy Wall by Rosa Sophia Clara Pendleton is a prisoner in her home. Always searching for new places to hide from her uncle, whose drunken attention terrifies and confuses her, she finds a tiny clearing in the back of the property near a disintegrating section of … Continue Reading

For Authors


Put a Halt to the Comparison Spiral

Author Laura DeLuca is a friend, very near and dear to my heart. After I created the two anthologies in 2011, it was Laura who did the final push that brought me fully into the publishing business with the first book in her Dark Musicals series, Phantom (download it for … Continue Reading

For Readers


Divine Complications

One of the problems with being a goddess is that we glow. No, I’m not talking anything like the inner light of a woman with child, but more along the lines of a lighthouse in the darkness. This causes issues when dealing with mortals so we use glamour to make ourselves … Continue Reading


No Time for Emotions

The sun rose as Lily unlocked the door, slipping into the quaint flower shop at the perimeter of Town Square. As she passed her hand across the aged wooden counter, it welcomed her home like an old friend. Her footfalls echoed as she surveyed what had been a critical part … Continue Reading