Does the idea of writing and publishing your book give you a sick feeling in your stomach?

You aren't alone...

Book Design

A professional-looking book attracts more readers. Cover design and formatting for electronic and print books.

Marketing & Strategy

Find balance between marketing and writing by talking to your Ideal Reader. Automate processes so your books sell themselves.

Author Branding

Put your best foot forward as you build your following and establish credibility. Website, copywriting, and graphic design services.

Your Words. Presented Elegantly. To Your Ideal Readers.

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Love Letters from My Customers

I love working with Angie and know without a doubt that she will help me midwife my book into the world!

Kris Oster, Ph.D.

Author of Return to Enchantment

She is one of my most-favored resources for any and all things to do with self-publishing. I know I can always depend on her to provide me with solid advice, excellent resources, and work that is second-to-none.


Author of The Gatekeeper's Choice Series

Her knowledge in all areas of the publishing world has helped me achieve Amazon best seller status on more than one occasion.

Laura DeLuca

Author of the Dark Musicals Trilogy

Without her, my first book would never have been released on time. Her expertise is both wide and deep and she has a gift for bringing out the highest potential in every writer.

Yancy Lael

Author of The Poison Box and Glowing: Soulful Skincare


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